Hardware Review: Sony INZONE H9 – Take your audio experience to the next level


Sony has already provided PS5 gamers with a decent pair of cans with the Pulse 3D headset, but the INZONE range aims to elevate the audio experience even further. With three choices, the Sony INZONE H9 is the crème de la crème, delivering all the bells and whistles while looking and feeling.

But what makes the H9 so special? What kind of features does it come with? And does the £269 entry price take away some of the shine? We’ve been testing the INZONE H9 for a few weeks, so let’s get to our hands-on impressions.

What is the Sony INZONE H9?

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The Sony INZONE H9 is a pair of noise canceling headphones that will go well with your PS5. Like the Sony INZONE M9 we reviewed, it comes with a sleek black and white design and plenty of high-end features. Of course, these features include Bluetooth connectivity via USB, noise and ambient noise cancellation, 360 spatial audio, and overall a premium and comfortable build quality.

As mentioned, the H9s will set you back £269 here in the UK – $299.99 in the US – and while, yes, it’s certainly a good chunk more than another Sony headset, the Pulse 3D, it’s about up there with most. is More noise canceling headphones. Although the INZONE range comes with the cheaper H3 and H7, they lack some attractive features like wireless connectivity and build quality drops.

On paper, the H9 is certainly a step up from most other gaming headsets, and with its link-up design and 360 spatial audio, it should be the perfect addition to your PS5 setup.

What’s in the box?

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Out of the box, the H9 requires no configuration. You will immediately see the headset with USB turned on after connecting it to your PS5. In the box you will also find a USB-C cable for charging. That’s literally it. It’s straight to the point, and you can have your audio game bouncing back within a minute of opening the box.

Build quality and hardware specifications

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As soon as you put on your H9s, you’ll feel the comfortable embrace of a quality pair of headphones. The leather padding in the ear cups and headband is plush and comfortable, and goes a long way to blocking out outside noise, long before any noise cancellation is activated.

Along the sides you have access to a volume slider, a balance between game chat and party chat, a Bluetooth connectivity button, a switch between noise canceling and ambient noise, and of course the power button. ‘feed. The buttons were never easy to distinguish and never felt quite out of place compared to the Pulse 3D, which has much more easily accessible controls. However, the H9s compensate for this with a physical rotating boom mic, which lets you pull the mic down to talk, then push it up to mute it. It’s perfect for any gamer who’s been caught singing in a hall full of captive audiences.

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The adjustable and pivoting arms provide a very comfortable gaming experience, and even after hours of gaming, you’ll still feel comfortable with the H9s on your head. This mirrors the H9’s impressive battery life, which Sony says is 32 hours without noise cancellation. During our review period, we never experienced any battery issues and were able to casually charge the headset whenever we had the chance. Wearing the H9s for long periods reveals a looseness compared to other headsets. Even at the tightest, any sudden movement or sneeze would often cause the H9s to slip from our heads. For comparison, this has never happened to us with the Pulse 3D.

An added feature that will surely elevate the H9 above other headsets for some is the ability to connect wirelessly to a PC. Many other headsets like the Pulse or the Razer Kyra can only connect wirelessly to the PS5, but here a simple USB switch will do just as well. There’s an INZONE app to customize your audio experience, and it’s definitely recommended, as the default settings on PC weren’t quite the same as on PS5. When it worked, it was nice to have a comfortable pair of wireless headphones for PC, but we encountered digital interference and occasional disconnections – two things that weren’t present on the PS5.

Audio experience

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Coming from the Pulse 3D headset, we were blown away by the immediately noticeable upgrade in sound quality. The noise cancellation is absolutely fantastic for everyone, and any loud game will ensure that only sound from the outside world comes in. If that’s not your thing, Ambient Sound mode lets you pick up outside sounds, while still getting high-quality sound.

However, the sound itself is truly sublime. Deep-base shooters like Modern Warfare 2 were incredibly immersive as you felt virtually every bullet and explosion. 360 degree spatial audio meant we were often completely safe as we could hear enemies before we saw them, allowing the audio to actively improve our performance, not just our immersion. for

However, if the big bang isn’t your thing, noise cancellation means games like The Last of Us Part 1 benefit from smaller audio details. Grasshoppers nearby, creaky floors, cheering horses feel alive and well with the H9.

Should you buy the Sony INZONE H9?

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The Sony INZONE H9 is an incredibly immersive headset that will no doubt enhance your gaming experience, whatever the game. solid and comfortable construction that will allow you to play for hours while you notice it on your head. The ability to connect to a PC is also a welcome addition, giving the H9 a big boost. However, it quickly turns out that this is a headset designed for the PS5.

If you’re looking for a more expensive headset, we can hardly recommend the H9. Unlike the M9 monitor which struggles to justify its high price tag, the H9 is a case of getting what you pay for, and in this case, it’s worth every penny.

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What do you think of Sony’s INZONE H9 headphones? Do you like a quality pair of shoes when playing? Tune in to the rest of the world in the comments section below.



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