Google Pixel 6 ‘black dot’ or ‘dead pixels’ on screen issue troubling many


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Google’s latest and greatest is in the spotlight again, obviously, for all the wrong reasons. Launched in October last year, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are powered by the in-house developed SoC Tensor.

That said, many Pixel 6 users have been complaining about black spots or dead pixels on the screen for a few months (1,2,3,4,5).

For some, it appears just behind the front camera while others say it is in the corner of the screen. Affected people are apparently frustrated and wondering if it is a software or hardware problem.

Some have tried factory resetting their phone and uninstalling third-party apps but the problem still persists. You can see in the image below what the black dot issue looks like on Google Pixel 6.

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I have a Pixel 6 Pro. He recently developed a black dot that is about the same size as my front camera and overlaps the camera dot. It’s getting bigger. I just updated my software and it didn’t help. I uninstalled recent apps and restarted, that didn’t help. I avoid doing a factory reset because I’m not at home. Other ideas?

While the majority of users believe it to be a hardware issue, at least one person reported that the problem was fixed for them after a software update in March this year.

My blackhead issue was resolved in a recent software update. I have no more worries.

However, others were not so lucky. In fact, some even claim that the black spot even gets bigger, leading to more dead pixels even after software updates.

I just factory reset my P6 Pro. Once everything started, I immediately noticed a black spot in the upper right corner of my screen. It’s almost as if the display is muted. I’ve seen other threads in the past where the camera cutout in the screen was misaligned and resulted in black areas around the front camera. It may be a similar problem. It certainly wasn’t there before the factory reset.

It’s worth noting here that the issue isn’t new, with Pixel 3 owners complaining about the same issue back in 2019.

Also, if your phone is under warranty, be sure to take it to the nearest service center as Google will replace the affected units.

Unfortunately, the tech giant has yet to officially say anything about blackheads and what might cause them. Hopefully they look into user feedback and clarify why multiple Pixel 6 units are facing the same issue.


We suspect it might be a hardware issue since the black dots appear on different parts of the screen. But we’d also love to hear from you in the comments below.

Update 1 (July 11)

3:51 p.m. (IST): One of our readers confirmed that he was able to fix the blackhead issue by restarting his Pixel 6 Pro. So, it appears to be a software glitch and users can try restarting their device to fix it.

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