From PS1 to PS5, total PlayStation hardware sales hit 581 million


Sony’s PlayStation hardware hits another milestone in sales as PS5 continues its success


Handhelds and legacy PlayStation consoles exceeded 580 million shipments worldwide, Sony’s recent financial statements confirmed. The data shows cumulative lifetime sales across all PlayStation platforms, including console generations and PSP and PS Vita handhelds, which total up to 581.5 million units sold to date.

From PS1 to PS5, total PlayStation hardware sales reached 581 million 1 |

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The PlayStation 5 is still in 6th place in the sales chart with 27.1 million shipments, but Sony plans to push PS5 sales to over 37 million throughout this fiscal year. If Sony achieves this goal, total PlayStation hardware sales will reach 597 million by March 2023.

Sony recently stopped reporting PlayStation 4 console sales as the system reached peak saturation during its 9-year lifecycle. All eyes are now on the PS5 as it enters its second year.

In the wake of massive chip shortages, the company is doubling down on software and services to help monetize the existing install base of PS4 users and growing PS5 adopters. Sony will be less reliant on raw hardware sales and shipments in the coming years as it releases more free-to-play live games on consoles, PCs, and mobile devices.


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