France: fewer emissions, fewer stops thanks to the new Kapsch TrafficCom toll system


VIENNA & PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–On September 22, Kapsch TrafficCom was awarded by the French concessionaire SAPN, the delivery of free-flow gantries, including the supply of associated hardware and software.

The system will make it possible to improve traffic flow (particularly on weekends and heavy traffic days), reduce emissions and improve the attractiveness of the territories of Île-de-France and Normandy. It is installed on 250 km of the A13 and A14 motorways, a very busy motorway axis in France. It will be located between the capital Paris and the city of Caen in Normandy.

“Drivers will no longer have to slow down or wait at the toll, but will be able to enjoy the road freely and without toll interruptions, as payments can be made automatically or afterwards,” comments Quentin Houet, Area Sales Manager at Kapsch TrafficCom. “With the system, to which Kapsch TrafficCom supplies part of the central elements, 30,000 tonnes of CO2 will be saved per year.

Kapsch TrafficCom provides a complete set of gateways as well as interfaces with central SAPN systems. The contract also contains optional maintenance services. The project, based on technology that Kapsch TrafficCom has successfully deployed in many countries around the world, consists of replacing existing toll booths with gantries capable of detecting, identifying and classifying vehicles and automatically calculating the toll corresponding.

“This project is a major step in the migration from traditional tolls to free circulation systems for cleaner mobility and a smooth driving experience for users of the A13 and A14 motorways”, concludes Quentin Houet.

Delivery is expected to begin immediately, while the first parts of the new system are expected to be operational in the second half of 2023 to enable free-flow commissioning in the course of 2024. This new solution will be implemented with limited impact on traffic. In progress.

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