Forbes store owner catches yabbies in city’s Miter 10 store


It will be days before the city can begin cleanup efforts, just two weeks after the same properties were inundated by floodwaters. About 1,000 people evacuated their homes.


Acheson, who is camping in the attic of the blocked and flooded store on the south side of the flooded town, said he noticed the crustaceans “showing up” in the store on Tuesday and may have hoped the taller one wanted to buy a drill.

She and her husband Aaron, and their three jack russells Wilma, Coco and Honey, are waiting for the flood in the store because their house is also flooded. They still have electricity and Wi-Fi, and now it looks like they have a backup food source.

“I just have to try to stop the dogs from eating them,” she said.

They are among the many residents of Forbes who are cut off from other parts of the city and, although dry, are isolated.

“Look at him, he’s a monster,” Acheson said as he held one of the yabbies before tossing it into the water.

Defense force personnel deployed, flood crisis will cost billions

It was announced on Thursday that hundreds of Australian Defense Force personnel will be deployed to flooded areas in the mid-west of the state.

People cruise through the town of Forbes by boat on Thursday. Credit:Alex Ellinghausen

The federal government has approved the request for support as state emergency personnel continue to be stretched to their limits.


Federal Emergency Services Minister Murray Watt said 200 people would be sent to Eugowra, Parkes, Forbes, Condobolin and Molong.

Watt says the cleanup bill will be staggering, with $3 billion allocated for disaster payments and repairs alone.

He was speaking as Forbes becomes the focus of emergency services efforts on Thursday, with days of flooding expected.

“I can guarantee you that the overall cost of the current flood disaster will be in the billions of dollars,” Watt told reporters in Brisbane.

“With each week the flooding continues and with each damaged road the damage bill will increase.”

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