Every Apple iPhone 14 has Emergency SOS via satellite hardware, but service in the US and Canada only


Apple’s new iPhone 14 devices come with a new Satellite Emergency Service feature that allows the new phones to connect and send messages via satellite, when the devices don’t have cell tower coverage and that the hardware requirements are baked into every iPhone 14 sold globally, even though the service is only available in the US and Canada.

This means that international iPhone 14 owners can use their locally purchased devices and use the service when traveling within North America. Apple offers the service for free for the first two years.

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With new antennas capable of connecting directly to a satellite, users can send messages to emergency services if they find themselves outside cell towers or Wi-Fi coverage areas. The service comes with a few questions vitals that assess the user’s situation and show them where to point their phone to connect to a satellite.

iPhone 14 Pro Max

Responses and any other follow-up messages are forwarded to centers staffed by Apple-trained specialists, who call for help on the user’s behalf. Travelers in the United States and Canada who want to hike, climb, or camp outside of the cellular service area can use this feature.

The same goes for eSIM service on iPhone 14 models. Apple has worked with US telecom carriers to only offer the eSIM option so devices sold in the US won’t have a card tray. SIM, but non-US models will have both eSIM and SIM tray.

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