Ebay’s “Parts of America” ​​passenger cars are now on sale


For those of you who are distressed like me, there is always another project car waiting to be rescued. I rarely act on impulse because of things like logic. And money. But some brave souls have teamed up with Ebay Motors to bring some once-great cars back to a much cooler life, and the selection is quite eclectic.

The romance of picking up a car that’s otherwise been written off, forgotten, or wrecked is strong. Many of us have dreamed of it, fewer have bought a project car and even fewer have seen a project come to fruition. The four cars for sale here have been the subject of Ebay’s “Parts of America” ​​tour, where content creators have taken cars and brought them to life, usually with nonsensical hardware to ride power in the stratosphere.

For the two high-powered versions, Youtuber Scrap Life Garage built a twin-turbo R8 “go-kart” that has virtually no body panels and a claimed 1,750hp. He gave it a tour, took it for an oil change at an Audi dealership, and raced it against other fast cars. Scrap Life Garage is known for taking salvaged supercars and bringing them to life, and this R8 was purchased smashed but with the Underground Racing twin-turbo kit already fitted.

On the other side, engineer and TikTok star Christina Roki represents with a 2010 Dodge Challenger R/T. The twist is that the old Challenger has a Hellcat Redeye engine swapped out. It was stripped down to save maximum weight and designed for drag racing. There aren’t too many modifications beyond the fuel pumps that support E85, but the combination still delivers a 1,000 hp street build.

Rounding out the list of four is another car from Scrap Life Garage and a truck from The Gentleman Racer. Scrap Life Garage took a wrecked 2020 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 and returned it to normal service as a track rat. He liveried the Cayman and drove it to Road America, where the car belongs.

Finally, The Gentleman Racer brings a beautifully redone 1969 Ford F-100. It’s not a restoration, but a rebuilt Ford 360 engine and a fresh auxiliary system that keeps the engine alive makes this weathered vintage truck look honest and reliable. The goal was clearly to keep the vibe of the truck intact, and Mike Satterfield accomplished that brilliantly.

The variety here truly makes it anyone’s game. Any of these machines would make great plans, whether you want an old ranch truck, a fast track car, a dragster, or a downright unbalanced tube-frame supercar. See what piques your interest. I might just make an offer on this Cayman GT4.


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