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In recent years, with the continuous breakthrough of digital imaging technology, DR equipment was quickly developed and popularized with its unique benefits. As everyone knows, daily maintenance of medical devices is the key to extending the service life, so what work should be done in the care and maintenance of DR equipment?

First of all, DR should have a good clean environment, and often keep clean, strictly dust-proof, to avoid pollution. Second, vibration can also affect rack and plate detectors, so it is important to prevent vibration caused by collision between the detector and the detector box during actual operation. In addition, temperature and humidity are also important factors that affect the normal operation of the electrical system and the plate detector. In southern China, the failure probability of flat-panel detectors is much higher than in the north, and the high occurrence period is mainly the annual plum rain season. Therefore, it is recommended to equip hospital equipment rooms with air conditioners and dehumidifiers, especially in areas with high humidity. Additionally, calibration is a very important part of daily DR maintenance and equipment should be calibrated regularly. Calibration mainly includes: ball tube calibration and plate detector calibration, and plate detector calibration mainly includes gain calibration and fault calibration. Usually the calibration time is set at six months, if there are special circumstances, it should be done once every three months. The calibration operation should be carried out by professional engineers. Others should not operate at will.

Starting and stopping the DR system is also very important. Although this seems like a simple operation, it has a significant impact on the incidence of failures and the life of the DR equipment. Therefore, before starting the machine, people should first turn on the air conditioner and dehumidifier in the room, and then start the machine when the room environment meets the requirements of the device. Shutdown should be the first to exit the system, then turn off the power, in order to avoid software and data loss. At the same time, let the machine stop working (after exposure) standby for a while, then turn it off, let the cooling fan continue to work for a while to heat the machine.

As a precision instrument, the maintenance of mechanical parts of DR equipment also can not be ignored: for example, pay attention to the work of moving parts is normal, pay special attention to the wear of the wire rope, if there is burr phenomenon should be replaced in time, and wipe regularly and add lubricant to oil, such as bearings, etc.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the DR equipmentextend the life of the machine, improve the quality of the image, people should develop the habit of caring for the machine, rational use of the machine, scientific maintenance of the machine, in order to maximize the equipment utilization efficiency.

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