Did you receive any gambling gifts last year?


Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Festivus, or Saturnalia, you might have won some video game-related loot last month. Maybe your Secret Santa at your workplace delivered you up and you have a mouse pad to use? Maybe a blessed soul bought the game that was at the top of your wishlist? Maybe a distant relative sent a wad of cash in a card and you just bought it yourself? Maybe someone gave you a new GPU in which case can I be adopted by your family please?

Did you receive any gambling gifts last year?

Here are our answers, as well as some from our forum.

Chris Livingston, Feature Film Producer: No. But I bought a new Yeti mug which I consider to be 100% a gaming and productivity accessory because I need coffee to run and I need that coffee to stay hot and Yeti mugs keep that fuel hot caffeinated for centuries. Seriously, I rush into my first cup of coffee but feed my second, and even though I leave it untouched for hours, it’s still nice and warm. It is a very good cup.

Robin Valentine, editor-in-chief: I never really ask for gambling gifts from friends or family these days. I take food and socks and stuff instead. This year, however, I decided to buy myself something: an Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. I’ve always been a real nerd about controllers, and wanted an Elite for a long time, but it always got me. seemed too expensive to justify. Well, after everything that’s been going on in the last few years, I’m done having to justify things to myself. I deserve all the overpriced bits of plastic I want, thank you.

I love it so far too – it feels really luxurious in my hands, and I think it’s a real upgrade to my game. It’s definitely an improvement over the loose d-pad and pare – squishy shocks from my old Xbox One controller.

PlayStation-themed coasters

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Wes Fenlon, editor: I received this set of play coasters for Christmas, which I have to admit are not exactly my aesthetic. But it was a beautiful thought! And these are decent coasters with a cork backing, which means I’m probably going to take them out the next time I have more than a few people and need to protect every wooden surface in the house.

I have offered gambling gifts this year which I am happy about, however. My partner’s younger cousins ​​the whole game, so I gave a Hitman 3, an unlikely but winning combo of Baba Is You and Final Fantasy 9, and a few Riot Points to grab a fancy outfit or a buddy or everything kids love about Valorant these days. Dress to impress!

Katie Wickens, Material Writer: I finally got my hands on a Sneki Snek head pillow that I had wanted for ages. Everything to make my demonic chair a little more comfortable when I feel the urge to rip. Since Razer ignored my emails requesting a review template, I finally gave in. I put him on my Christmas list and my partner got him for me, because he’s a player too and he’s struggling. Oh, and technically I got an RTX 3060 as an early Christmas present, even though my partner paid for it about 10 months ago … and I have to pay it back, unfortunately. So maybe that doesn’t matter.

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Lauren Morton, Associate Editor: This year my partner gave me the Steelseries Apex 7 keyboard that I had in mind. I was ready to downsize after six years on a keyboard with 22 macro keys – which I rarely used – so I went with the keyless version. Another parent quarreled to buy me a matching mouse. Granted, I’ve laughed at the cheese grater mouse design in the past, but it’s the only white Steelseries mouse right now and I appreciate the commitment to consistency. The texture isn’t weird while I’m using it luckily, but my fear of possible hand drops in those holes remains. I even spent an hour in my Steelseries app setting up colors and effects for both while on vacation, so I’m feeling pretty good with the desktop aesthetic for this year.

Fraser Brown, online editor: I’m notoriously difficult to get freebies, apparently, but at least when I was younger, something gaming related was usually going to be a win. Not so now. The real games are out, because there is a big risk that I will get something that I already have. And the things I need, like a new GPU, are way too expensive for me to feel comfortable receiving them as a gift. This year, people mainly gave me stuff for the dog, which is much more practical.

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Nat Clayton, Feature Film Producer: I’m not sure my family knows what to get me so it was mostly socks and pajamas. My brother cruelly got me a copy of the Pandemic board game, which I think I can play without heartbreaking nuances in about five to 15 years. Like Chris, however, I consider coffee to be crucial play equipment, so I treated myself to a hefty pound of grind from a local roaster.

Andy Chalk, NA News Manager: I’m too old to receive “funny” gifts, although my newly legal-to-drink nephew insisted on buying me a packet of beer, which was adorable. I’ve been thinking about buying myself some new hardware instead – I’ve been craving a new keyboard for a while now – but I’m not in too much of a rush to spend a few hundred dollars on one without being able to try it out. ‘First, so after hemming and dressing various product listings and reviews, I gave up on that idea. I don’t really need anything else, I guess, and I couldn’t work the energy for consumerism for itself, so … maybe next year?

An Overwatch mouse pad with Mercy's butt as a wrist rest

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Morgan Park, editor: Our group of friends have played Overwatch a lot this year, so when Secret Santa arrived my friend Ian really delivered. This … uh, pronounced The mouse pad with integrated wrist rest was actually a gift for my partner who runs Mercy. For some reason, it didn’t become his favorite mousepad for Overwatch, but it was nice to watch it every now and then while awkwardly collecting dust on a table and laughing. I tried it on for a few minutes and found the wrist rest to be soft, but ironically restrictive. Most FPS players use a lower mouse sensitivity for accuracy, but resting my wrist between the spongy cheeks made it difficult to move. Gift 12/10, Mouse pad 3/10.

DXCHASE: I have a Nintendo Game Boy mug which when something heated is added to the mug changes the Game Boy screen to Super Mario.

McStabStab: I have a new mechanical keyboard with cherry blue switches. I had a cherry blue “equivalent” keyboard at home, but it just wasn’t the same. Now I have my old keyboard at the office and my new one with the correct switches at home.

Thank goodness I have my own office or I would drive my coworkers crazy with clicky-clacky!

ZedClampet: I received a Steam gift card from my wife and my dad gave me the traditional card with cash. It’s always nice to have a helping hand during the Steam Winter Sale.

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Krud: Thanks to a certain virus doing the rounds, our Christmas has actually been postponed until this weekend so I’m not sure what I’m getting. Having said that, I have already been offered two new [to me] board games [Imhotep and Forbidden Island], a set of heavy metal dice [not Led Zeppelin-themed or anything, just literally heavy and made of metal], and a Quest-a-Day RPG schedule. Nothing PC related, however.

Edit to add: Really, once computer games moved mainly to the digital download format, the number of games as giveaways dropped dramatically for me, mainly because too many non-gamers (i.e. (say most of the people I received gifts from except my wife) don’t seem to understand how game cards work, even though they understand Amazon and Google Play fairly well.

With the warlock: Not for Christmas, but my girlfriend gave me Call of Duty: Warzone socks as part of our first anniversary. A nice topper for our week in Bristol. I’m not going to lie, these are the most comfortable socks I have ever worn in my life.


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