Cybersecurity hardware to protect 1553 avionics data bus traffic from cyberattacks introduced by Abaco


HUNTSVILLE, Alabama – Abaco Systems in Huntsville, Ala., introduces 1553Guard security technology to protect MIL-STD-1553 avionics databus-based systems from real-time cyberattacks.

The 1553Guard is built into the 1553 interface, while other technologies require expensive hardware and significant software modifications, but may not include threat mitigation. Abaco’s plug-and-play device detects and mitigates cybersecurity threats through continuous equipment monitoring and protection.

MIL-STD-1553 was released by the US Department of Defense before the advent of modern cyber warfare and lacks many of the tools that secure modern networks. More recently, it has been identified as a potential hazard that adversaries could exploit to compromise equipment and deliver malware to a system. Abaco designed 1553Guard to address these security issues.

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The device continuously monitors bus communications traffic, identifies incidents based on user-defined rules and algorithms, and then mitigates the threat. The security mechanism is implemented in hardware that cannot be easily circumvented or disabled by malicious software or users. This can reduce the risk of use on the platform or when integrated with avionics test and maintenance equipment.

Abaco’s solution protects the entire bus with a single device to reduce integration time by avoiding redesign and requalification of hardware and software. Once added to the bus, the 1553Guard is passive and does not interfere with normal bus communication.

The device detects and disables inappropriate messages without interrupting normal bus traffic. It can fit on any existing bus by using one of Abaco’s existing XMC, USB or mini PCI Express products, or by using a standalone device attached to the bus.

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