Crypto-Hardware Startup X-SURE Debuts Crypto Tickers at CES 2022


X-SURE L1 is a ticker which gets data streaming with a Wi-Fi connection. On the 2.4 inch IPS TFT color screen, users can follow the price and other data of interest to them in one fell swoop. eye.

L1 obtains streaming data from several of the world’s largest encryption platforms to make the core function stable enough. Almost all of the first 10 cryptocurrencies will be supported in the early versions, and will be upgraded to more and more types.

There is also a speaker on the back of the product. So that users can set custom alerts with beep in the app. Like an Apple Watch on your desktop, L1 also supports custom watch faces. The team said they plan to release special editions with unique exterior designs. Now the pure version released has a CNC metal unibody and a visible PCB design. Which has a truly exceptional style and texture in this niche market.

X-SURE L1 features include:

  • 2.4 inch color IPS LCD display
  • 24 hour real-time data update based on multiple stable data sources
  • Box speaker with personalized alerts function
  • Unibody design in CNC metal and visible PCB
  • Custom watch faces and special editions in the future
  • Parameterization and firmware upgrade with App

X-SURE L1 pre-order with early bird price has already started on the official websiteand shipping will start from the second quarter of 2022.
You can pre-order now!

Nixie X-SURE Clock

X-SURE Nixie Clock is a limited collection ticker, which could be the first smart Nixie clock that can access the internet and display dynamic data such as asset prices. It supports display of time and prices of digital assets like BTC and ETH, which can be set and upgraded through the app.

By the late 1950s, the nixie tube was widely used in aerospace and various fields of scientific research. With the emergence of more advanced display devices, its production gradually came to a halt in the 1980s. The NL5441 nixie tube used in the clock has an official rated life of over 200,000 hours (22 years). . Which is one of the rarer models of nixie tube and has already been sold for over $ 100 per unit before.

The nixie X-SURE clock also shows a taste of balanced retro and modern design, with an ingenious combination of metal, wood and glass.

Here is a great video promoting this product:

X-SURE Nixie Clock will also be open for order in a few days on the official website:


X-SURE is a team trying to connect the physical and crypto world with love and passion. They create products made with materials and code for the crypto community and the blockchain world. For further updates, please follow the X-SURE website, Discord and their Twitter pages. If you are interested in them, just contact this email: [email protected]



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