Cincoze’s new DI-1100 industrial on-board computer – Multiple applications in smart factories


Taipei, Taiwan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cincoze’s latest DI-1100 series of compact, high-performance and energy-efficient rugged embedded industrial computers with rich interface options are receiving a warm welcome in the smart factory industry. The DI-1100 series is ideal for Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR), ensuring on-time delivery of components to the production line or goods to warehouse racks, and suitable for 24/7 operation in outdoor remote monitoring systems. These diverse applications are crucial for any smart factory looking to reduce staff, control costs, increase shipments, and implement outdoor monitoring.

The heart of AMR

Structurally, an AMR has three main parts: hardware, software, and user interface. Robot hardware includes mechanical design, sensors, motion control, and computer. The computer is the most critical part for integration because it must serve as the center of the robot and the interface with various devices and software interfaces. For this application, it is essential to choose a robust, high-performance, energy-efficient and compact industrial embedded computer with various inputs/outputs. Cincoze’s latest DI-1100 series uses a high-performance 8th Gen quad-core Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 (Whiskey Lake-U) processor and supports up to 64GB DDR4 2400MHz SO-DIMM to meet to high-efficiency computing requirements for real-time dynamic sensing, obstacle sensing, and multitasking.

Measuring 203 x 142 x 66.8mm (WxDxH), the series allows for easy fitting into an AMR, while leaving plenty of space for other devices like lifting and safety devices. 15W low power consumption design reduces AGV/AMR charging time, improving production efficiency and productivity. The DI-1100 series has a range of I/O options including GbE LAN, USB 3.2, USB 2.0 and RS-232/422/485 to connect to cameras, network and sensors, and two Mini PCIe slots for Wi-Fi, GPS and 4G modules that enable real-time communication and location tracking for group collaboration.

The heart of outdoor remote monitoring systems

An outdoor remote monitoring system must continue to transmit surveillance images and collect data even in adverse weather conditions. The new Cincoze DI-1100 rugged industrial embedded computer series is the perfect solution for these outdoor monitoring applications. The series supports Cincoze’s proprietary CMI, CFM, and MEC modules that provide 10GbE LAN, M12 X-Code LAN, DIO, and other I/O capabilities. Of particular importance for remote monitoring, the four-port PoE card provides up to 25.5W of power per port, is designed explicitly for PoE cameras and also supports useful functions such as reboot at distance and stopping at night. The front access panel features a hot-swappable 2.5″ HDD/SSD tray and an mSATA slot for storing high-volume surveillance footage and collecting data from production equipment, which can then be transmitted via 4G for analysis.

A major issue for our customers is overheating caused by the 24/7 operation of outdoor surveillance systems and the uninterrupted transmission of a large amount of data over the network. To combat heat buildup, the DI-1100 series comes with an optional external cooling fan that can be attached to the top, helping to dissipate heat and stabilize operation. Outdoor monitoring equipment also faces challenges such as extreme temperatures, considerable electromagnetic interference or limited power supply from solar panels. To meet these challenges, the DI-1100 offers wide temperature support (-40-70°C), wide voltage support (9-48 VDC), overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, protection ESD and 15W low power consumption, the ideal combination for outdoor remote monitoring systems.

The Cincoze DI-1100 series offers wall, side, DIN rail and VESA mounting options for maximum installation flexibility. In addition, the DI-1100 series has multiple international safety certifications, such as US Military Equipment Inspection Standard (MIL-STD-810G), Rail Transport EN50155 (EN 50121-3-2 only), and E mark for use in any application. With the strong trend towards smart manufacturing, Cincoze’s rugged and reliable embedded computers are the best choice to build a high-productivity smart factory.


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