China’s 7nm domestic gaming GPU expected to arrive in 2025


According to various reports, Chinese graphics accelerator technology company MetaX Tech, locally referred to as 沐曦 (mu xi), will have a gaming GPU ready for the domestic market by 2025. During a recent interview with the media (opens in a new tab)Dr. Yang Jian, the company’s co-founder, CTO and chief software architect, reportedly shared the MetaX GPU roadmap, including some details of its high-performance GPUs set to take on foreign rivals.

Apparently, MetaX is currently making excellent progress in terms of financial support and development. Earlier this year, its heterogeneous 7nm GPU was registered ready for manufacturing. Additionally, manufacturing of this product is expected to begin “soon”. Its second flagship GPU for scientific computing, AI inference and data center is now in the final stages of R&D, with plans to mass-produce it in 2024.

However, none of these products fulfill MetaX’s goal of being a Chinese producer of high-performance GPUs that fully compete with foreign flagships. According to Dr. Yang, such a product is necessary because the Chinese GPU market accounts for 40% of global consumption.

Unlike some other Chinese GPUs, MetaX products are said to use a “self-developed core IP from the ground up, as well as an independently designed GPU architecture and instruction set”. This philosophy contrasts with Innosilicon, whose high-performance and efficient Fantasy GPUs were recently confirmed to be powered by Imagination Technologies (PowerVR).

To seize the opportunity to be one of China’s leading GPU pioneers, the next step for MetaX will be to complete the development of a comprehensive and comprehensive GPU that will not only accelerate GPU compute calculations, or the IA, or scientific computing, but will make the big jump into speeding up graphics rendering. Chinese technology site MyDrivers (opens in a new tab)understood a segment from the interview with Dr. Yang Jian as meaning that, by 2025, MetaX will have a fully capable gaming GPU ready. According to the MetaX website (opens in a new tab)we believe the line of gaming GPUs will carry the ‘MXG’ moniker.

(Image credit: MetaX)

Last week’s UDN (opens in a new tab) reported that the MetaX engineering team consists mostly of engineers who previously worked at AMD. The same source claims that development work on the Moore Threads GPU in China is mostly carried out by former Nvidia engineers. Other Chinese companies with GPUs in development include the aforementioned Innosilicon and Zhaoxin with its GlenFly GPUs.

Increased tech sanctions against China seem likely due to hi-tech weaponry issues in the coming months, so the development plans above seem sensible to replace foreign GPUs, which may become scarce. While the global GPU market looks rushed at the time of writing, we hope there will be a plentiful supply of Chinese GPUs by the next GPU crunch (if that happens) to cushion any shortages.


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