Bykski Reveals a Surprising RGB WaterBlock for Intel’s Arc A380 GPU


As reported by hardwareLuxx, Water-cooling manufacturer Bykski has created a water block for Intel’s new Arc A380 graphics card, known as the I-GNA380-X. For a graphics card about as power-hungry as a GTX 1650, this new water block is as overkill as it is for a 75W card. Still, it’s a compact block with single-slot support and will make the (mostly broken) Arc A380 look like a fast, high-end graphics card – or one of our best GPUs, with high-quality materials and RGB lighting .

For reference, this block is only designed for the Gunnir Arc A380 Photon and will not work with any other A380 AIB partner boards.

The block itself is made of nickel plated copper and sealed with a clear acrylic lid. The block will cool three components on the A380, the GPU core, video memory, and power system. It also features a backplate which we think will cool down some of the rear PCB components and should add some extra bling to the graphics card. Speaking of which, the water block also includes RGB lighting, which illuminates the entire acrylic lid to show off your water supply and the block inside.

As mentioned before, the block turns the Gunnir map into a single-slot map, so this block can be functionally useful for the very few who need to turn an Arc A380 into a single-slot machine.

We don’t know how well this water block will cool, but it’s safe to say it’s incredibly overkill, and temperatures certainly won’t be an issue on the Arc A380, even with its Gunnir cooler. origin.

But, the first problem you will have is getting your GPU up to temperature in the first place. Intel’s Arc GPUs are plagued with numerous issues, many of which include driver issues. In previous reports, we’ve seen benchmarks of Intel’s Arc A380 where the GPU never reached its rated power specification, or anywhere near that.

More recent reviews of the card appear to not have this problem, but the card still suffers from stability issues, immature drivers, and the A380 still suffers from poor performance, according to the game.

So, for better or worse, the Bykski block will be largely useless until the Arc A380 fixes its reliability issues and is finally sold outside of China.


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