Bausano adds materials testing lab for extrusion operations


A state-of-the-art materials testing lab for extrusion processes is set to open this fall at the headquarters of bespoke extrusion line supplier Bausano in Italy.

The new resources will help customers learn about a system’s capabilities before purchase, and then optimize the configuration of their extrusion lines. The lab extends Bausano’s R&D and pilot testing department in Turin with hardware and software to test a wide range of materials on three of the company’s extrusion lines:

  • The MD 30 small twin screw extruder to consider scaling up an extrusion process from lab to pilot test to production.
  • The MD 75 medium twin-screw extruder to produce representative samples at the pilot stage.
  • The E-GO R 60-37 waste regenerating single-screw extruder, which reinjects industrial and post-consumer waste from washing lines into production. The system helps reuse contaminated high- and low-density polyethylene and polypropylene waste from common sources, including milk and motor oil bottles, plastic wrap and shopping bags.

A Brabender laboratory system will operate along all three extrusion lines, with a high pressure capillary rheometer for viscosity testing and material characterization, and software for rheological and physical analysis. Material testing capabilities support PVC, C-PVC, HDPE, PP, LDPE, thermoplastic rubbers, polycarbonate, ABS, PMMA, EVA, POM, PS, PA6, biodegradable polymers and wood-plastic composites.

“Bausano has always made it a priority to provide laboratory expertise and facilities to our customers and prospects around the world to test formulations and evaluate developments in the plasticizing and extrusion process,” said director Giorgio Critelli. “We are constantly striving to help our customers find the best way to [tailor] our extrusion lines to their specific needs. We are confident that this expansion will provide additional pre-purchase assurance of reliability and ability to meet production targets.


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