Automated mushroom cultivation makes delicious fried treats


[Kyle Gabriel] knows about fungi, and his years of experience really shines in his in-depth documentation of an automated mushroom growing environment, created as much as possible with standard sensors and hardware. The results speak for themselves, with delicious fried oyster mushrooms to show it!

Fried oyster mushrooms, grown from scratch.

The most influential conditions for growing mushrooms are temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration, and for automating the management of environmental conditions [Kyle] created Mycodo, an open source system that leverages inexpensive hardware and parts while also having the ability to take regular photos to keep an eye on things.

Call [Kyle]The “full” documentation doesn’t do it justice, and it covers everything from setting up a positive pressure air filtration system for a work area to how to get usable cultures from. of forage fungi throughout growth and harvest. It even includes a delicious fried mushroom recipe. It doesn’t get more comprehensive than that.

we saw [Kyle]previous work before, and it’s fantastic to see the refinement continue. Take a guided tour of the set in the embedded video below (or skip to 4:11 PM if you want to make yourself hungry.)


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