AU Optronics: AUO Subsidiary AUO Display Plus Creates Integrated Software/Hardware Solutions to Meet Diverse Vertical Market Needs


AUO Display Plus, a subsidiary of AU Optronics Corp. (AUO), has actively promoted solutions in the enterprise, education and healthcare markets, and will showcase smart display solutions at Touch Taiwan 2022 from April 27-29. In addition to working with the expo organizer to provide a Smart Capsule Office Experience Zone where visitors can utilize quiet huddle spaces for uninterrupted meetings, AUO Display Plus will also partner with partners such as ADLINK, imedtac , Qbic and Wisdom Garden, to display three major solutions targeting smart healthcare, and smart edutainment at the Smart Display and Smart Living Pavilion, IDB, MOEA. Focusing on vertical market requirements, AUO Display Plus establishes integrated software/hardware solution capabilities, extending the value chain of smart display applications.

Smart Capsule Office SSolution Pprovides Fflexible Mmeeting Space Undisturbed

Due to the pandemic of the past two years, a hybrid working model is emerging across the world, with work and meeting space needs becoming increasingly varied and complicated. The Smart Capsule desktop solution presented by AUO Display Plus is specially designed for professionals to serve as their independent work and meeting space. Made with excellent soundproofing materials, self-adjusting glass panels, and complemented by an easy-to-use reservation system and plug-and-play video conferencing facilities, this solution provides users with a quiet environment free from noise. disturbances, where discussions and meetings can be arranged at any time for better work efficiency. Additionally, this capsule office has a built-in smart environmental control system, which can improve operation efficiency for businesses or shared spaces. An optional feature is to equip the capsule office with ultra-thin digital signage and a content management system that can display personalized messages and serve as an alternative marketing communications tool.

Educational space management Solution Improves booking process and resource management

As learning environments and teaching practices become increasingly flexible and diverse, they also make it more difficult to effectively manage school spaces. AUO Display Plus partners with Qbic to showcase the educational space management solution that provides a more user-friendly reservation system for library seating and research breakout rooms. On the space management platform, teachers and students can check space availability in real time via the touch screen and quickly find available seats or breakout rooms, as well as make reservations and online check-ins using magnetic sensor cards or email accounts.

The distance education solution integrates software and hardware for distance learning

Responding to the growing demand for blended teaching and distance learning in the post-pandemic era, AUO Display Plus partners with Wisdom Garden to launch a distance education solution that includes a four-in-one video conferencing device integrated with a touch screen, video camera, microphone and speakers. Coupled with a learning platform for distance education, it allows teachers and students to easily interact with each other via the touch screen. In addition to making teaching and learning possible from anywhere, it also supports all software/hardware device configuration obstacles, greatly improving the convenience of distance education.

Smart OR Dashboard Solution To integrates Data and video to improve workflow efficiency

Responding to digital trends in healthcare and increasingly complicated operating procedures in operating rooms, AUO Display Plus, ADLINK and imedtac jointly present the Smart Operating Room Dashboard solution to solve the problems of physiological data and medical images from various sources and presented separately, as well as the difficulty of integrating different equipment interfaces. This solution offers an intuitive and multifunctional operating interface. By integrating multiple patient information and surgical images, and helping the medical team access necessary information when needed, this solution maximizes cost efficiency and provides smoother surgical workflows. It supports two video inputs supporting recording, capture, transmission and display functions simultaneously. Labels can be used to mark important parts of the operation and medications used according to timeline. In addition to improving postoperative patient care, it also increases the availability of training resources for medical personnel.

The Display Innovation Taiwan Conference 2022 is held alongside the expo. On April 29, Angela Weng, President of JECTOR Digital Corporation, a subsidiary of AUO Display Plus, will deliver a speech titled “Practical Application of Smart Display in Education.” Welcome to visit us at Touch Taiwan 2022 to learn about AUO Display Plus hardware/software integration solutions as well as our ecosystem partners and how we maximize the value of smart display applications.

AUO Display Plus introduces the Smart Capsule desktop solution for professionals to serve as their independent work and meeting space, providing users with a quiet and disturbance-free environment.

AUO Display Plus partners with Qbic to showcase the educational space management solution that provides a more user-friendly reservation system for library seating and research breakout rooms.

AUO Display Plus, ADLINK and imedtac jointly introduce the smart operating room dashboard solution to integrate multiple patient information and surgical images and provide smoother surgical workflows.


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