Apple retailer lists Mac Mini with M2 processor and Mac Mini Tower


Popular online electronics retailer B&H photo has set up a placeholder product page for a new Apple Mac computer with an Apple Silicon M2 processor. Apple will hold its WWDC keynote on Monday, and the Apple press is keen to get some early scoops. However, sites like 9to5 Mac (opens in a new tab) admit that the B&H listing may be a catchy prank or prank, as Apple does not pass any information to resellers ahead of product announcements.

The first of the first “accidental” leaks from the B&H Photo product page is a new Mac Mini with an M2 processor. According to the retailer’s page, this mini PC comes in an 8GB RAM and 256GB storage configuration (possibly others). Adding some sauce to its list, the retailer states that “payment will be available at 9:45 p.m. ET Monday night.” WWDC22 runs from Monday, June 6 through Friday, June 10, with the keynote on day one at 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET. Apple traditionally opens sales, or at least pre-orders, of products soon after they are announced.

Almost every reader is familiar with the iconic Mac Mini. So tomorrow the biggest interest will be what’s inside – with this listing teasing the arrival of the new M2 processor. Maybe B&H read our story from early March when we discussed rumors of M2 Mac Minis by mid-2022. This report suggested that more contemporary architecture M2 processors leverage a mix of Avalanche performance cores and Blizzard efficiency cores. In addition, the number of GPU cores is likely to increase and the TSMC process node will increase from N5 to N5P. Longer term, there are rumors that the Apple M3 SoCs will use TSMC’s next-gen N3 node.

Of course, no one knows what kind of performance boost the new M2 SoCs will bring to Apple’s Mac updates. Even after the keynote and the presentation slides at hand, we won’t have the simplest idea either, because a cloud of marketing will be added to the technical information shared. Therefore, we have to look forward to third-party tests and comparisons to get a genuine idea of ​​what M2 offers.

Another listing spotted at the US electronics retailer was for an Apple Mac Mini Tower. As a more high-end design, it’s odd that it comes with an M1 Pro SoC and the same 8GB RAM and 256GB storage configuration as the Mac Mini. 9to5 Mac believes the tower design is a likely sign that the product page is faked for the sake of someone at B&H. In other words, take both of these lists with a good pinch of salt.

Apple mentioned a new Mac Pro on the way at the end of its March event, so if there’s a “tower” in the works for launch tomorrow, that’s what we’d expect. The latest Mac Pro, AKA the cheese grater, launched with a 28-core Intel Xeon processor in late 2019.

Other Macs that may be in line for an update tomorrow include the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13. Outside of the laptop/desktop realm, tomorrow’s most exciting hardware launch may be the first AR headset. /VR from Apple. As a developer conference, most of the week will be dedicated to software; MacOS 13, iPadOS 16, iOS 16, TVOS 16 and WatchOS 9 are all expected to arrive during WWDC22 and new and improved apps.


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