AMD’s Server CPU Revenue Share Will Hit 30% By End 2022 For The First Time, Ryzen CPU Share Will Drop


Intel’s current situation in the lucrative data center market is at its worst in more than a decade. Third-quarter earnings were nearly flat as competition increased in a market that has been stagnant since the days of Opteron. By mid-2022, AMD had already taken control of a quarter of the enterprise server and processor market. The red team Data center revenue share expected to reach 30% by the end of the year, higher than even Opteron days.

Keep in mind that these numbers represent AMD’s market share in terms of revenue rather than unit sales. As such, this does not necessarily mean that Intel’s shipment volume has decreased; only that he earns less and less than its data center division.

Switching to client or PC market. AMD has consistently won in this segment for the past two and a half years (since the introduction of the Ryzen family). More recently, laptops and premium offerings drove revenue quarter over quarter. However, in the second half of this year, we are seeing a change in market trends. As a result, AMD’s combined quarterly revenue from the desktop and laptop markets almost half by the end of the year.

In addition to weakening the PC market, the release of Intel’s Alder Lake family has, if nothing else, provided some fair competition for the Ryzen processor. The impact is most evident through the economy and low-end markets where non-K and F Core chips are the de facto choices.

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