All roads no longer lead to Chrome


Chromebook sales plummet

Users are choosing Windows-based devices over those running Chrome, according to IDC’s beancounters.

IDC’s Global Personal Computing Devices Quarterly Tracker recorded a 63.6% decline in Chromebook shipments, which IDC defines as “shipments to distribution channels or end users, in the fourth quarter of 2021 (4 .8 million shipments) compared to the same period last year (13.1 million shipments).”

In addition to market saturation, supply issues have hurt Chromebook shipments as the industry continues to grapple with a shortage of PC components, from processors to ICs to Wi-Fi modules and data management. food.

IDC notes that while sales of Chromebooks in the United States and Europe have fallen, demand continues to grow in emerging markets. However, the global shortage of computer components appears to have turned the tide for Windows 11, with vendors focusing on more expensive hardware products.

Jitesh Ubrani, mobility and consumer device tracking expert at IDC, said supply was unusually tight for Chromebooks as component shortages led vendors to prioritize Windows machines due to their higher prices, further suppressing Chromebook shipments globally.

However, the market has always been growing overall, which means there is a market for laptops based on Google Chrome OS. In 2021, the Chromebook market saw a nearly 13% year-over-year jump, with all companies other than Dell reporting increased shipments.


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