7 questions and answers we have on Valve’s Steam Deck


There is still a lot to know about the Steam Deck.


Valve Steam bridge may not have been ready before the 2021 holiday season, but after a significant delay Due to global supply chain issues and hardware shortages, the Steam Deck is on track for release in February. Mobile PC games The device was previously scheduled to be shipped in December of last year.

Despite the delay, it is already a hot commodity. Valve presented its Nintendo Switch-like a laptop Game device on July 15, and the next day, its site was bombarded by people trying to snag reservations.

Since this was a surprise announcement from Valve, there are still a lot of questions about the device. We’re here to answer some of those questions you might be asking yourself.

When will Valve’s Steam Deck be released?

If you’ve already booked a Steam Deck, you shouldn’t wait until February 2022. Valve emailed customers on November 10 saying that the portable PC game console was delayed for two months. Valve has also updated its Faq to confirm the delay.

“We’re sorry for this – we’ve done our best to bypass global supply chain issues, but due to material shortages, components are not reaching our manufacturing facilities on time for us to meet. our initial launch dates, ”Valve said in the email.

How long does the Steam Deck battery last?

Valve says the Steam Deck battery will last for seven to eight hours, depending on the games you play. More graphics-intensive games require more power, especially if they are set to a higher graphics setting.

The Portal 2 game, for example, can be played for four hours at 60 frames per second. But if you lower the SPF to 30, it will last six hours, according to Valve.

The battery life for non-gaming activities is still unknown.

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Valve’s Steam Deck is a portable handheld


Can I increase the storage of the Steam Deck?

Yes. The Steam Deck has a microSD slot for enhanced storage. What we don’t know yet is what type of microSD cards are needed. Some cards have faster read and write speeds than others.

We’re also not sure if it will support larger microSD cards, like a 1TB card, that can costs almost $ 200.

Can I use an Xbox or PlayStation controller with a Steam Deck?

Using Bluetooth, a variety of devices can work with the Steam Deck. These include Bluetooth controllers and headphones, to name a few.

Does the Steam Deck output 4K to a TV?

The Steam Deck can actually go up to 8K via its USB-C port. It supports 8K at 60Hz or 4K at 120Hz.

Can I use the Steam Deck as a desktop PC?

Sure. The Steam Deck is itself a laptop PC. It uses Valve’s SteamOS, which is based on Linux, so if you’re familiar with this system, you can use it as a PC right away.

If you’re unfamiliar with Linux, Valve says you can install Windows. But it’s not yet clear whether the Windows experience on a Steam Deck will be the same as on your desktop or laptop.

Should I risk buying from Valve which doesn’t have the best hardware record?

It depends if you want to invest your money in a company that has done amazing things with their software but made questionable decisions with their hardware.

In 2014, Valve revealed it was entering the hardware business with its Steam engines. Enthusiasm for Steam-focused gaming devices was initially high, but faltered when it became clear that they would only come with SteamOS and not the typical Windows operating system, so making devices unable to play even the most recent games because they were not compatible with the operating system.

With the steam engine came the Steam controller, a customizable controller that could work with a variety of games, but it had a steep learning curve, which made it unpopular among gamers. In 2019, Valve sold the Steam Controller for just $ 5 in one of its sales, apparently to empty its inventory.

Steam link was another device from Valve designed to stream computer games to your TV. Even if it worked, a gaming PC still had to be part of the equation, and there was an input lag issue. Valve eventually replaced the hardware with its Steam Link app, but it’s still not the smoothest experience.

While Valve’s track record may not be perfect, handheld gaming devices are of interest to hardware makers, thanks to the success of the Nintendo Switch. the Razer edge and Nvidia shield were the first attempts at this design in 2013. Last year Dell tried its hand at Alienware Concept UFO Prototype.

Since the Steam Deck booking platform blocked Valve’s site when it was first uploaded, there is a clear demand for handheld gaming devices to play PC games.


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