40 Luxury Kitchens With Gorgeous Cascading Countertops


From the Property Brothers series to Architectural Digest, you’ve definitely spotted the biggest trend in home kitchen design – the stunning waterfall countertop. Most commonly seen in luxurious marble and quartz, waterfall countertops can be constructed of any material and tailored to suit your personal style and home décor style, says Marble renovation. Unlike a standard countertop, the cascading waterfall style has no visible seams, which is visually pleasing and makes cleaning easier as there is no space for crumbs and spills to squeeze through.

We’ve rounded up 40 of the best waterfall countertops to inspire you to build or redo your kitchen with this cover-worthy design trend. Whether your style is French country chicWhether farmhouse, ultra-modern or rustic, waterfall islands are a gorgeous addition to the kitchen. Butcher block, wood slabs, marble, and even concrete can create stunning waterfall countertops, and we’ll provide plenty of ways to make your kitchen island stand out too.

1. Luxury and rustic

Classic white and gray marble gets a rustic touch with dark walnut cabinets and modern leather bar stools. Perfect for a luxury cabin or a warm modern home.

2. Mid-Century Chic

Instead of opting for ultra high-end and classic marble, choosing a quartz material paired with rich wooden cabinetry is perfect for lovers of mid-century modern.

3. Tried and True

If you want a classic kitchen style with a ton of resale value, going for a striated white and gray marble waterfall countertop paired with white cabinetry is a solid choice.

4. Passionate about fishing

Influencers like Elsie Larson of A beautiful mess gave the whitewashed ash wood and pink hues a distinct aesthetic all on its own. Using an off-white marble countertop makes the kitchen feel warm and playful, like the design shown here.

5. Modern Luxury Living

Stainless steel appliances look elegant against sturdy wood cabinetry and timeless white and gray marble countertop – ideal for modern luxury.

6. Choose an unexpected marble

If you’re drawn to the glossy finish of marble but the distinct gray stripes are a bit predictable, consider choosing a different slab style. This matte wash counter gives the space a subdued but serene atmosphere.

7. Mix unstained wood finishes

Too much reliance on white against your marble waterfall countertops can make the kitchen look sterile and unattractive. Having unpainted counters or bar stools helps make the space feel a bit warmer.

8. Sage green with envy

Brass knobs and pale green sage paint give this angular cascading countertop a decidedly modern and luxurious look. Ideal for those who want a bit of color but still want a neutral kitchen.

9. Be brilliant with

Glossy cabinets in a cool, understated blue help the marble in the kitchen really pop. We’re also a big fan of extending the marble into the kitchen backsplash and wall for a seamless waterfall effect.

10. Industrial Advantage

Using a slate gray but glossy waterfall countertop is a great choice as it can be ultra modern with chrome finishes or given a rustic feel with rich wood and leather accents.

11. Build the counter of your dreams

Even if you haven’t found the marble slab of your dreams, or you have it and it’s just not in the budget, you can still create a stunning waterfall countertop with a marble paint kit. faux marbling. This will allow you to customize the streak and color choices in the counter.

12. Embrace Quartz

Marble is certainly the go-to for many home remodelers and builders, but it’s not always the safest choice, especially if you have spill-prone loved ones, given its porous nature. On the other hand, quartz is ultra-durable, easy to clean and equally stylish.

13. Choose an asymmetrical design

If you want a more architectural touch for your kitchen design, choose an asymmetrical countertop design. Making one side thicker and the other extremely thin is visually appealing because it plays with the stone in interesting ways, making one side appear weightless.

14. Concentrate the Heat

The super warm tones of visible grain wood look beautiful under a glossy white marble waterfall island and make the space feel less cold.

15. Paint your cabinets in a contrasting color

Mixing marble, a natural wood finish and a modern yet sophisticated paint color is a winning combination that will give your kitchen a magazine-worthy look.

16. Shiny and Sleek

While matte, satin, and natural wood finishes are quickly becoming the norm, one can’t help but love the high-gloss walnut cabinetry under a cascading white quartz countertop.

17. Classy Chic

Making a modern, glamorous and comfortable kitchen can be tricky. Gold and brass hardware are useful accents that don’t overpower the super clean and sleek finish of the counters.

18. Rinse the cabinets

Instead of placing your cabinets in the recess of the waterfall counter, set them against the edge for a unique, custom look.

19. Keep It Simple

White, black and wood tones are simple and elegant, combining modern, clean lines with rustic, warm details. We love the roundness of the teardrop lights that soften the kitchen area.

20. Go retro

Super sleek red, white and black kitchens were once considered edgy and ultra-modern, but now they almost have a fun, kitsch and playful vibe.

21. A small private island

While huge kitchen islands are popular in many suburban homes, you can still have your dream waterfall countertop in a small space. As long as two bar stools fit, you have plenty of room.

22. Do more than the surface

Adding a range to your waterfall counter is a great way to make it more than just storage and counter space. You might also consider adding a sink if your island is where you want to stand most often.

23. Play with your kitchen space

Make the waterfall island the height of the dining table for a unique counter area. Then it can function as a prep area or an intimate dining area for entertaining.

24. Coastal and Clean

When your views speak for themselves, don’t overpower them with bold, distracting kitchen designs. Instead, keep it simple and sleek with white marble and black bar stools.

25. White, gray and blue

Looking for a clean, modern neutral but tired of all white? Consider painting the cabinetry around your waterfall island in an eggshell or satin light gray.

26. Wood on wood on wood

Some white marble kitchens can look a bit stark and bright, so warm yours up with lots of wood tones. Walnut and teak are excellent choices for the kitchen.

27. Slate Gray Simplicity

Make a statement with flush cabinets and hardware-less doors. It’s also a clever way to hide less-than-sleek appliances in your waterfall counter, like the dishwasher or wine fridge.

28. Gorgeous matte black

We love the dramatic edge of a black countertop, but the elegant fall of a waterfall tends to soften this somewhat bold and brash hue.

29. Use multiple materials

Your waterfall counter doesn’t have to be made from a single piece of wood or stone. Consider playing on a marble block with a wooden waterfall slab like the one seen here.

30. Blend Into The Ground

Constructing your waterfall countertop and floor from the same material is a lavish feast for the eyes and gives the illusion that the kitchen countertop and floor are hewn from a single slab of marble.

31. Go against the grain

There is no reason for the waterfall to fall sideways. For a contrasting side view, make the waterfall curve flow down the front instead of the sides.

32. Play with levels

Using multiple materials and different levels adds a ton of visual interest to the kitchen, which can sometimes be a bit generic. It’s a great way to show architectural interest.

33. Add Open Shelving

By leaving cabinet doors out of part of your island, you can have extra display space for items like fine china, bouquets, and favorite kitchen utensils.

34. Try Tone on Tone

We’re a fan of high-contrast designs, but the new tone-on-tone trend is also a sophisticated way to add dimension to your kitchen. Try black on dark gray or cream on white for modern color schemes.

35. Good as Gold

Even though a real waterfall slab isn’t in the maps right now, consider lining your island with a metal bar. It lends a touch of glamor and femininity to any kitchen space.

36. Sleek Concrete

Concrete is an affordable and beautiful material that has only recently entered the kitchen sphere. But with an appropriate food grade sealant, concrete counters are a fantastic addition to kitchens and an affordable way to get the waterfall slab of your dreams.

37. Don’t Shut It Up

Open shelving has become hugely popular for kitchen walls, so why not in your kitchen islands too? Build doorless built-in cabinets for convenient storage or fun displays.

38. Forget the white marble

Love marble but want something a little different for your countertops? Try black with white milky way streaks for a dramatic and standout vibe.

39. Simple but Pretty

White-on-white kitchens are classic and timeless for a reason: they look great, clean, and can fit almost any design style.

40. Give it an industrial edge

Pair your white kitchen with galvanized metal bar stools, stainless steel appliances, and clean lines for an industrial take on the waterfall counter.


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